Students – Get ready for the STEAM Fair! Why STEAM? Art has joined the party and we are now Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics.   This is a fun event that allows you to work in teams with your friends to experiments, to make, to build and to present your ideas to your colleagues, teachers, parents and our invited judges. The idea is that this is a self-driven project that gives you to chance to be creative and think outside the box. Start imagining what you would like to discover and who your team is going to be. There are lots of ways you can participate. You can design, a poster to advertise the STEAM Fair in 2021, you can have projects where you develop and test a hypothesis and these can come from social sciences, biology, physics, chemistry or you can invent or demonstrate a new technology. Its up to you what you do, what interests and excites you.

Parents – The La Entrada STEAM Fair prepares kids for more complex projects and team work.  The STEAM Fair process includes posing questions, problem-solving, experimentation and communication.  These are all skills our children need to be successful in our ever-changing world.  The STEAM Fair provides a fun way to start mastering these skills.  Please encourage your children to participate.  You can find more information about projects and How To’s by going to the Helpful Links page.

All 6th – 8th grade finalists and honorable mentions are invited to the San Mateo County STEM Fair, an inspiring event held at the Hiller Aviation Museum in early March (  The finalist from the San Mateo County STEM Fair will go to California State Science Fair.  In the past, La Entrada Students have been selected to participate in the California State Science Fair – a very prestigious commendation.

The La Entrada STEAM Fair is February 6th 2020.  Students should begin thinking about their projects now.  Planning in advance makes the process more fun AND advanced planning is a skill that will serve all our kids for their entire academic and professional lives.

If you have any questions, please email the La Entrada Steam Fair Co-Chairpersons:

Anna Gloyn

Maisie Fung

Please register your project and team here on the 2020 Registration Page or email the participant(s) name(s), grade, teacher(s) and contact emails to